Upgrade MYSQL

I would like to request a MySQL upgrade to the latest version or at least 5.5. The version currently installed seems to be from 2008.


I’m waiting for this too. I want to use a new feature in MySQL 5.5.

Out of curiosity: What features are you looking forward to in particular?

Current version of MySQL for dreamhost is 5.0.10 apparently, and the latest stable release of MySQL is 5.6.

For me, I need something newer as like all software and scripts, things evolve and get upgraded to run on the latest improvements. The forum scripts and cart scripts I require will no longer be supporting certain loaders such as Zend, but also require MySQL 5.1 or higher.

It’s not necessarily the ‘features’, but the entire upgraded suite. I can’t help but feel that Dreamhost falls short on upgrading the systems. PHP 5.2 is still an option, and that’s several versions out. MySQL is outdated. And certain loaders zend/ioncube are outdated or unsupported.

I’m not looking for a particular feature, but the dev version of Moodle which will be released in May will require 5.5.31


As a Moodle plugin developer I’m not going to be able to showcase plugins I’ve written on my dev site. And anyone trying to use a current version of Moodle will be unable to.

I’d like to ask you to upgrade to last stable version of MySql. I’ve developed a website which uses FULLTEXT feature for InnoDB tables which is not supported in 5.1. As outwardjourney said, I think dreamhost takes a long time to upgrade its tools.

Any DH update on this?

Yes, Moodle 2.7 requires MySQL 5.5.31 or newer. I’m looking forward to the upgrade too…

Me too I am waiting for the version MySQL 5.5.31 for Moodle 2.7

I see this discussion has been going for 6 mounth.

One of my sites was shut down by DreamHost for being unsafe. Something like update now. I said I would update it, they opened it. I did the update.

imagine: my moodle site is six (6) years out of date. So I tried updating. (MOODLE 2.7)
tec support say use “one click”. That is five (5) years out of date. (and only arrived 5 days after I installed my first moodle)
now i know tec moves fast, so why wait 5-6 years.

anyway: as if it will make a difference, I am updating my site (as per DreamHost instructions) I see no reason to install 5 year old software. So I would like to add my name to the list of people waiting for mysql 5.5.
“version 5.5.31 is required and you are running 5.1.56”

MySQL Community Server (GPL)
(Current Generally Available Release: 5.6.19)(as of date of post)(http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/)

+1 to this suggestion.

+1 to upgrade MySql to 5.5 to support Moodle 2.7

+1 Cause more MySQL more Awesome.

Moodle.org is where I used to recommend DreamHost most often. Can’t recomment DH any more because it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for the current version. Sad. Hopefully they’ll get to this soon or I’ll have to figure out how to install it myself, I guess.

+1 to this request. Need it for new Moodle version too.

+1, this needs to be done. I would like access to some of the newer InnoDB features. Alternatively, adding MariaDB as an option would be wonderful as well.

Another reason to upgrade: MySQL 5.1 has auto-increment holes on InnoDB with INSERT IGNORE

This thread was started nearly a year ago. Isn’t it time enough for an upgrade?
I am also a moodle ADMIN and need this upgrade to use Moodle 7.1.

I don’t want to go through the hassle of moving my whole site to a new Web Hosting Provider. :(((

so, +1 to this mySQL upgrade.

I’d like to add my own request for a mysql upgrade. I would like to use the most recent version of moodle as well. Using a mysql version that was released over 3 years ago is frustrating.

Again, I’m currently using an out of date version of moodle and would like to upgrade to moodle 2.7.

I too believe that DH is lagging behind with upgrades. When I started with DH back in 2006, they were ahead of everyone. One-click installs had pages of options for getting something up quick. Now I believe the list of availible One-Clicks is below what they used to have. However most of those have always been old outdated versions, but usually stable. I understand using older (if more stable) apps for an easy One-click but something like MySQL being so out of date is just not acceptable.

Today, I ventured out to install a Moodle site as I have a few students and friends wanting to learn about a topic and I thought I could use it to do a proper online course. MySQL that Moodle 2.7.1 requires is 5.5.31. Dreamhost is only up to 5.1.56 for me. An update or access to an upgraded mysql server would be greatly appreciated.

If I can’t use half the software that I need on Dreamhost, then what’s the point? Get it together, while the support is good, I feel the company is falling behind.