Upgrade Mailman to 2.1.18?

Is there a way to upgrade mailman to 2.1.18?

I’ve heard there are better fixes for the Yahoo/AOL DMARC issues in that version than there are for 2.1.17, and the Mailman page says 2.1.18 is stable.


Hi. I think they are already working on this upgrade.


It would make sense though that it will take time. For testing and others. Or else there will be a lot of disgruntled users if the upgrade isn’t smooth.

The DMARC issue with yahoo, aol, etc. has become such that my mailing lists are virtually worthless and unreliable. The new version of Mailman has been out since May. I’m not sure that it will solve the problem but we need some priority to be put in place here to get a reliable mailing list. Just chatted with DH and they say there is no timeline associated with a Mailman update at this time.