Upgrade ImageMagick to 6.2.3

Hey i was wondering if its possible for DreamHost to upgrade ImageMagick to version 6 since version 5 is outdated. My gallery has problems using ImageMagick and i realized ImageMagick need version 6 binaries. I dont like to use GD2 since it cant handle some images properly.


You can add your vote to the “Upgrade to ImageMagick 6” suggestion. Maybe they’ll get around to it faster then. :slight_smile:

Our Sarge servers have Imagemagick 6 (but not 6.2.3) so as soon as your server is upgraded you’ll have the newer Imagemagick. We’re working on upgrading them now.

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Just out curiosity, is there a way to tell if your server has been upgraded?

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You can ‘cat /etc/debian_version’. 3.0 is Woody, 3.1 is Sarge. We’re not that far through the list of servers yet as we’re still encountering minor problems here and there as we go.

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yay thanks for the news

you can also check what version by using a terminal. Type “identify” and u can see the version

I too would like ImageMagick 6. Is there any estimate for when the upgrade will be complete?

Or, if it’s not a highly-demanded feature, is there any way that my server could get priority over those who don’t care? (Not that I’m more important than any other customers but if they haven’t expressed interest…)

Thanks very much!