Upgrade Hosting Plan

If we want to upgrading our hosting plan or change billing period bill, does DH recalculate the cost ?

Say if I already have “Crazy Domain Insane” plan for 1 year period ($9.95/month), and has been hosted with DH for 6 months. Now I need to upgrade from annual plan to bi annual (so the price will be $7.95/month). Does my 6 months remaining credit (6 * $9.95 = $59.7) can be used for upgrading plan ?


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I believe Dreamhost will credit your account whatever is the unused portion of your 1st year, which will be used towards the upgraded plan. But I’m not 100% certain as I don’t recall anyone replying to their own threads with the outcome when this question was asked previously. The best answer would be obtained from Dreamhost directly I think.

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According to the information in the admin panel…
NOTE: If you up/downgrade or change the rebill period:

  • there will be no downtime for anything.
  • feature changes happen immediately.
  • your plan’s billing start date changes to today.
  • any pre-payment left over is credited towards the new price.
  • there is no set up fee because this account is older than 97 days!

I believe point number 4 answers your question.

Just in case it is not obvious; You can upgrade/downgrade your plan by going to Billing -> Manage Account in the panel, then clicking the Edit link next to your plan.


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It’s not applicable to your situation, dino, but others should note that if you change to a monthly plan, you should do so after your 97 day money back period to avoid the setup fee:

Also, I dunno if it’s applicable but if you’re hoping to use promo code credit for the upgrade, that credit usually doesn’t start being available for use until 97 days after the original signup!

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Thank you all…

Now I understand the billing system completely !


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