Upgrade from VPS to Dedicated Server

Hi all,
I need to upgrade to dedicated server: I manage 10 Wordpress websites and one of these reached 500.000 users a month, sometimes with 300 users connected simultaneously… and the average website speed is more than 9 seconds!

Please help me on this move
… because I’ve a very low technical level…
I think these could be the steps:

1 - backup all my websites (FTP) and MySQL databases
2 - order a dedicated server, moving the existing users/domains from my VPS
3 - I will be emailed when the transfer is complete
4 - WHAT ELSE? Everything will be OK and online, fully functionally, without any other action from me???
5 - If everything is fine… delete VPS service

Once you’ve ordered the dedicated server and move your sites automatically from within the control panel, you should be all set. There shouldn’t be any downtime after the move, but if you run into any issues, please be sure to contact our support team by starting a LiveChat from the panel (for immediate assistance), or submit a ticket at Support > Contact Support.