Upgrade for One-Click Installs

I was looking for a way to upgrade my One-Click Installs, but I couldn’t find any. I looked at the KBase, this forum, wiki - nothing.

So I emailed tech.support, got a reply (pretty quick!), telling me that there’s no One-Click Upgrade facility (yet). Yay.

These days, a single security hole is sometimes all that a hacker’s need to mess with your website.
Therefore, it’s in our interest that the CMS we use on our website is kept up to date.

When I read that on DreamHost we can do a one-click install, I assumed it’s Fantastico. Because Fantastico can upgrade your installed CMS in one click, and DreamHost has such excellent reputation, I purchased a hosting account straight away.
My bad, turned out that it’s not Fantastico (still OK), and there’s no one-click upgrade facility (yay).

I’ve been hacked once due to me being late in updating my CMS, and I have no intention to experience that again.

If you want to avoid this scenario from happening to you as well, there’s something that you can do.
You can vote at this suggestion:


Voting there will increase the chance that DreamHost will implement this feature.

Hopefully a lot of you will agree with me, so we can have this very important feature available to us.


I agree with you that keeping your software up-to-date is very important. Having a one-click facility to do this would certinly be good. Also keep in mind that you can upgrade the software your self, it just may not be quite as easy as the one-click-install.

Also, if you follow the link provided above you will be voting for the feature. Just a little heads up.


My bad - yes, the URL in my post will vote straight away.
Thanks mattail for the reminder.

If you accidentally voted, but actually you don’t want to, there should be a cancel (remove?) vote button there. Just click it, and your vote will be cancelled.

Thanks again.

I have added my vote for this suggestion. Not that upgrading most packages is too hard, but anything that speeds the process can only be a good thing. :slight_smile:


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