Upgrade failed.. help!

Hello, and thanks in advance for taking the time to read/possibly help my with my issue.
I recently attempted to upgrade to the lastest version of wordpress, and thought that I had completed a backup, but not sure what I did to cause my website and admin page to be completely unavailable!
When I attempt to go to my admin page (or visit my website). nothing comes up on the screen! I hope I didn’t completely erase my website, but feel that I may have. I’ve contacted support through the “email” support section, but no response, so I thought I’d try to get some help/direction here.
Anyone? :slight_smile:

How did you attempt the upgrade? Through One-Click panel option, or via the WordPress dashboard?

If it was via One-Click, then it should have backed up your site into a .old folder you can rename via FTP. Try that first.

If it was through the WordPress dashboard, then you can roll back your site from the DreamHost panel under Domains -> Manage Domains -> Restore.

The database is usually left alone during an upgrade, but if it’s also blown up, can be restored from the DreamHost panel under Goodies -> MySQL Databases.


thanks, I was having similar issues

Thank you also for the help