Updating WP Super Cache due to exploit?

I got an email from Dreamhost about updating WP Super Cache due to an exploit.

I have looked for links about this, they all point to the WP Super Cache download site, but nothing has any instructions that I can find for “updating”, only downloading the latest version.

I have never installed a plugin, the only ones I use came with my installation of WP.

So I do not know how to do this.

If I “install” this latest version 1.3.2, is that the same as “updating”?

And how DO I install it?

Do I need to uninstall the previous version and if yes how is that done?


If you log in to your WP Admin Panel it should inform you that the update is available. You can update it from there.

Thanks. I am logged into my panel but I cannot find anything related to WP Super Cache. The announcement that it was vitally important this be updated came from Dreamhost.

I just disabled the Caching until I could look at this, but I still do not know how to install the update.

Where in the panel would I look for this option you mention?


If you have WP Super Cache installed and activated then it should tell you in your WP Admin Panel if it needs to be updated or not and should also give you the option to update it by clicking a Update button.

If you’re not using SuperCache then the email you received from DreamHost was actually irrelevant.

To clarify, you should be looking on the WordPress Dashboard (yourdomain.com/wp-admin) and not our DreamHost panel :slight_smile:

This is a WordPress upgrade, not a DreamHost one.

Great thanks. Yes I was looking at the dreamhost panel.

I found the update notice for Super Cache and now all ok.