Updating wordpress version through Dreamhost


Please forgive me I am a newbie and doing my best to learn this stuff properly.

Right now I have wordpress installed on http://capappasart.com and I am thinking of creating some ebooks and uploading them to my site. I was thinking of setting up a new directory titled /ebooks so my ebooks would be located at http://capappasart.com/ebooks/title-of-book.pdf.

My question is related to what would happen when I update my version of wordpress through Dreamhost. When a new version of wordpress comes out, I go to the dreamhost goodies page and update it there. They then move capappasart.com to capappasart.com.old. If I create a new directory of /ebooks, would this interfere with updating it through Dreamhost? I’m not going to update anything right now, but I just want to make sure I understand so I don’t break anything.


You don’t need to manually upload PDF files and then link them. WordPress has a built-in Media Library you can use that will be preserved through updates. And I’m 99.9% sure that stuff you manually upload won’t get overwritten. Especially if you upload them to a custom directory such as /ebooks.

Back to the Media Library function, when editing a page or post, there’s a Media Upload section right above the text editor. The last icon looks like a multi-pointed star called “Multi-Media,” or something like that. I use it to upload PDFs to my site. It’ll create a link in your page/post using the Title you assign to that upload as the link text. It will also become part of your Media Library which you can browse from the left-column link in wp-admin.