Updating WordPress from one-click page

There used to be an option to update WordPress from the One-Click Install page. Does that option still exist? If so, could someone direct me to it, please? I can’t find it…

– SG

Yes, the upgrade option still exists.

On the One-Click Installs page, you should see a list of all the software you have installed using the One-Click Installs page. To the right of the list is a column called Actions. The top action for each install is an update link, this link will be disabled if an update is not required.


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When you go to one click it will show any installations that were installed via one-click that can be updated. If you installed wordpress yourself then one-click won’t show it to update.

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I also no longer see the option to upgrade an installation of WordPress—even one that was installed via One-Click. Did this feature get misplaced?

Do you see your site as having a one-click install of WordPress? It should be in a section labeled: “Upgrade or remove previously installed software:”

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On my one-click page, there is no “Upgrade or remove previously installed software:” section.


OK. I think this means that the One-Click Installer thinks that you have no currently valid one-click installs.

I’m not entirely positive how they find valid installs, but I do know that when you perform any manual shenanigans like moving your install from one domain to another or move it to a different location under your web directory, you invalidate the one-click install and have to resort to manual updates thereafter. I’ve heard these updates are relatively painless.

Did anything like this happen with your one-click install of WordPress?

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  • Click on 1Click Installs
  • Scroll down to where you see your domain(s) listed
  • There are 4 columns: URL/DB, Software, Last Updated, Actions
  • On your site using WordPress, under the Actions column, you should see either “Upgrade to 2.2” or “Already v2.2” – if you see neither, you got borked out of a 1 click install.

If that happened, digg my story about manually updating your WordPress account :wink:

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Matt, I think the area you’re referring to is in the “Upgrade or remove previously installed software” section that SG doesn’t have (because the DH panel thinks he doesn’t have any valid One-Click Installs).

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