Updating WHOIS for co.uk Domain

I need to update the WHOIS information for a co.uk domains but cannot find any way to do this.

Are there special instructions to change the WHOIS information for UK domains?


If your domain is registered here, to update your .co.uk domain registration’s WHOIS info, head to Domains > Registrations in your web panel:


Click on the domain, and click “Modify whois info for yourdomain.co.uk”. On the next page you’ll be able to make changes to your info and update/save them. Please note: modifying the domain’s WHOIS privacy is not allowed for .co.uk domains.

I’ve previously gone through and updated the WHOIS information following the procedure noted above weeks ago, but it does not update the information in the main WHOIS database.

In fact, when I click on the domain, I see the old information. Once I click on the Modify WHOIS info for domain I see the new information. But once again it is not shown in the first screen or in the main WHOIS database.

There must be something blocking the transfer from your end to the WHOIS UK database.


Can you please submit a ticket to our support team with the domain in question, these details, and the WHOIS info that you want shown? We can troubleshoot better once we have your details: www.dhurl.org/dhsupport Feel free to use our LiveChat option as well!