Updating stuff without warning

Periodically my wordpress sites die because DH upgrades PHP or MySQL without warning. WTF? They break all my sites and the only reason I know about it is because I start getting e-mails? This is minor league kind of stuff.

I don’t have this problem.

Try to use the wordpress install of “one-click-install”

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It is mentioned clearly in status.dreamhost.com

It is also mentioned in the newsletters.

If you have problems with new PHP, you can roll back via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Web Hosting.

You can also update your program via one-click installs

Hope it helps.

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This has happened to me too. I think it might’ve had something to do with the DNS somehow the mysql host was being transferred to a new machine while someone tried to make a change to the database. A simple backup of your database fixed it for me.

The other problem I know about is when making changes to the permalink options in the blog admin area it can mess with your .htaccess file, specifically the rewrites. One way to fix that is chmod your .htaccess file 640.

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They tried not updating PHP/Wordpress and then machines got “pwnd” - so, my recommendation is to let the pros update once in a while and let them make mistakes once in a while.

It’s a lot better than the alternatives.

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