Updating site/Switching over


I have just taken over this site…Becoming the Admin and paiding all the hopsting fees.The problem is ,that I really don’t know on how to go about updating the site it self.I am running on Phpx 3.5.2…I have tried to contact the old owner of the site,but he is MIA…He has sent me all information about the site…but I really can’t make heads or tails out of it.This is the first time I ever owned a web site…so I really kind of new to this…If any one can hlp me out with this…thank you…

The 2nd thing that I notice is the Domian is still in his name.Do i have to wait until next yr so I can register it in my name?To add to this I also notice that I am paying twice and only getting half of what DH is offering for web hosting…I would like to switch over to DH…whats the best way of going about it…?

The name of the site is Sacred-Junkies.com.
It is just a RPG game site,with helpful information…


Ok…I no longer need hlp updating the site…But I would still like some infor about the hosting.