Updating Replacement Webmail

People have mentioned that tech support can/will replace my https://webmail.domain.com service with one of my own choosing (say an updated SquirrelMail package). If I do this, will I retain the ability to edit the installation files/config or would I have to contact support to make changes? Would I have as much control over the package as I would if I installed it to a new subdomain called webmail (but with SSL)?


You can install your own webmail application and control it just as you would any other site hosted on your account.

I’ve recently come across an undocumented problem associated with using a subdomain called “webmail” when not using the Dreamhost-supplied webmail service. I’d recommend naming it something else unless you can get confirmation from DH support that it won’t break anything.

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My question specifically pertains to an SSL webmail app. I know I could maintain mail.domain.com but, unless I pay the 3.95/mo., I would not have a secure connection to it. I read in another thread that it is possible to have the https webmail app replaced with one of my own choosing.

The answer is still the same. If you want your own webmail app, and you want SSL, you can install your own and buy a dedicated IP address and SSL cert for it. There’s no way to get SSL on one of your own sites without this extra expense.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.