Updating phpBB?

I know that the upgrading feature for the one click installs is new, but I am wondering if anyone else has tried to upgrade their phpBB forums? I tried and it messed up somehow, I think it is messing with the MySQL DB. I put a support ticket in and it has been well over 2 days and noone has got back to me. Any advice? Any others having a problem?


I tried updating my phpBB installations and it broke it (database error).

No resolution help, but wanted to confirm to you that it’s happening to others.

Ahhh… thanks alot. I wish they would have given me a heads up on that 2 days and 15 hours ago. =)

Does anyone know if this will be worked on? I got a msg from DH saying that I should ask phpBB about it. If DH is updating it and it isnt working why would I ask phpBB about it? Doesnt make any sense. Worst part is after 3 days of waiting I still dont know if DH is going to do something about it or not.

Anyone that is having this problem… I sent in another support ticket and got this reply-

"Actually, our developer thought he fixed this, but I’ll need to have him
re-visit. I checked your site and it looks like you have everything
taken care of… (or at least I don’t see any errors.)

The solution was to run
http://www.example.com/forums/install/update_to_latest.php through a web
browser, so that it would upgrade your mysql database layout to match the
new version. Let me know if you need any other help!


Just download the free .19 files from phpbb.com and put the install folder in the forum directory and do the above. Works perfectly now! THANKS PETER!!!

Thanks for posting the solution, addiction05!

I downloaded the changed files for .19, uploaded the install directory into my forum directory, ran the webpage, then deleted the install directory.

Worked like a charm.