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I have posted this probably in the wrong forum (Troubleshooting), so I’m posting it here (in 3rd Party) in the hope that some experts in this area (if not the staff) know. Thanks.

We know that Fantastico enables you to do a one-click update on your installed software. How about DreamHost?

Just got this in my phpBB:

Your installation does not seem to be up to date. Updates are available for your version of phpBB, please visit http://www.phpbb.com/downloads.php to obtain the latest version.
The latest available version is phpBB 2.0.14.You are running phpBB 2.0.13.

Please don’t tell me that I need to DIM (do it myself). :wink:


I just saw that DreamHost had updated their on-click installs of phpBB to v2.0.14. Now, how about those who already installed 2.0.13??

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you could join their mailing list, then receive emails when updates are made.


jic dreamhost doesn’t have an automated way to upgrade one click installs.


I know that they (phpBB) have a rather decent forum and user community, but the thing is: while I can one click to install right here at DreamHost, I canNOT upgrade easily; and that defeats the purpose of the whole one-click idea.

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That makes sense. I have a pretty heavily modded forums, so I have never used the one click install. I didn’t know that upgrades to one click installs were different than any other install. I guess this is a good question for Dreamhost Support Team.


We will eventually have a way for you to upgrade your one-click installs easily. We will automatically do major security updates for you now, but not less critical updates.

We know it’s something that is expected from us and we will get it working as soon as we can. Our installer is very flexible so any auto-upgrader has to be very smart and smart takes time to do well.

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And here was me thinking you just waved a black stick with white tips and everything just happened by magic! You should charge more :smiley:

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[quote]We know it’s something that is expected from us and we will get it working as soon as we can.


Thanks. Nice to hear that.

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[quote]We will automatically do major security updates …


Just learned that phpBB actually released 2.0.15 on May 7 “addressing some security issues, one being serious”.

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I would suggest you grab the easymod installer ->http://www.phpbb.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=217673

Followed by the code updates to 2.0.15 -> http://www.phpbb.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=288165 which easymod will automatically install for you…

WP/Gallery2 Integration Community -> http://wpg2.ozgreg.com/


Just our luck! We’ll be doing this update for one-click installs very soon.

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