Updating non-editable Dreamhost DNS records?


I’m testing one of my domain names to migrate from Dreamhost VPS to DreamCompute. I believe I was able to move everything over and they both have the same content, but the DNS seems a little strange.

I added custom “A” records for my main domain and a few sub-domains and pointed them to my DreamCompute IP address. However below that list, there are the non-editable Dreamhost DNS records, which have the same “A” records still pointing to my original VPS server IP addresses. I’m not sure if my custom records are supposed to override the Dreamhost ones? In Manage Domains, I edited the hosting to “DNS Only”. I already have one site on DreamCompute with “DNS Only” set up, so I’m not sure why it’s not working this time.

It seems my domain is now stuck in between the VPS and DreamCompute servers with the “Site Not Found” page. I’m not sure what to do now, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Without knowing what the domain is it’s hard from the forum to understand if this is an issue with propagation or misconfiguration or what. If you can’t/don’t want to share the domain name, your quicker bet is to open a ticket with DreamHost Support.

I contacted DreamHost support about it and they fixed it.

For anyone else that has this same problem:

Login to the Dreamhost Panel, click Manage Domains. Under the “Web Hosting” column, click the “Remove” link to turn it to DNS Only. Then if you have secure HTTPS hosting active, you need to turn that off as well, then the non-editable “A” record will disappear and your custom “A” record for the domain will take over. This shouldn’t delete your actual web content either.

If you have databases on a sub-domain, simply delete the host name (not the database though) and then your custom “A” records for the same sub-domain on DreamCompute will then take over.

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