Updating Joomla

I have downloaded the Joomla 1.5.8 Update Zip package. I want to use webFTP to upload the files. The Joomla.org instructions say “The trick is to work out in which folder you will upload the files to. In most cases, you will need to upload into a folder called “public_html”, “htdocs” or “www”. You’ll need to check this with your host or administrator.”

Using the webFTP Upload function. Into what folder should I upload the Update package where it can be unzipped and will automatically update the respective Folders and files on the site.

Thanks for your help.

At DreamHost, instead of using public_html, htdocs, or www, they use EXAMPLE.com in your FTP folder. Or whatever your domain is called. Put the zipfile in there.


Thanks sdayman for getting back to me.

Just another question if you are able to help.
I was hacked and I went through the Last Modified dates and deleted all the files that were installed after I last updated the site. Now I can’t see an index.html page and when I log on to benandgeorgiareader.com I get the following message. "Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL"
and when I go benandgeorgiareader.com/administrator/index.php I can’t see the Joomla Login panel instead I get the same message. I uploaded the Joomla patch Update in webFTP. It would appear some installed the update but others didn’t. Any suggestions?

Joomla uses index.php, and since you’re getting the SQL error message, it looks like the site is working, but there’s one of two issues:

  1. Your configuration.php file doesn’t have correct entries for dbtype, host, user, password, db, and/or dbprefix.
  2. Your database itself is completely hosed and needs to be restored.

I’m voting for #1, since if I change one of the db variables in there, I get the exact same message.