Updating from phpbb 2.0.15


I’d like to update phpbb to the latest version. When I initially initialized the forum, there was a link to update to the newest version. However, since I changed the template style to a custom one, I can no long see the link. Are there alternate methods to updating phpbb to the latest version?

yes, if you go to the phpbb site, you can find links to download the upgrade stuff, as well as instructions on how to do it. Also, enless you specifically deleted the origional style, you can allways go into your user profile and set it to be used, so the like will be visiable again. Alternativly, if you want you can just install the origional style, or other from from the phpbb site, and then use that. (you can set which style you use in the user preference, so you don’t need to force all your members to use that style, just yourself.


Great! Thanks for the help