Updating from 2.0.22 to 2.0.23

I am getting error messages saying,

“Your installation does not seem to be up to date. Updates are available for your version of phpBB, please visit http://www.phpbb.com/downloads.php to obtain the latest version.
The latest available version is phpBB 2.0.23. You are running phpBB 2.0.22.”

How much does it matter if you have the latest Revision ?

A lot of my software experience is with CAD software & animation software, where a lot of the times, an older revision, e.g., 2007, is more stable and more highly spoken of than the 2009 or 2010 revision.

If it does matter, how do you upgrade the phpBB revision ?

Is it like a re-install, where you make a backup, do a clean install of phpBB 2.0.23, and then bring the forum database back in ?

I believe it’s a matter of downloading the entire new version and copying the old mods into it, such as the theme, the .ini file, and any plugins. There should be a readme with the new version that explains how to install and/or upgrade.