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I have been having trouble tonight uploading some changes to my site. I have read the “announcments” but I didn’t see where there was a problem, except with the mail system. Does anyone know if something else is going on? I do use Frontpage2000 for my FTP program and have never had a problem uploading until tonight. Was there something different I should have done since the move to the “New” Dreamhost? I wasn’t told I needed to do anyhting different and this is the first time I have had to update since the move. I’ve been with dreamhost for almost a year now and I am pretty sure if I needed to change how I was uploading or anything, they would have told me. Maybe I am just paranoid! Really though, is it just the servers are busy or something small like that? Anyone know?



What’s the error message you are getting?

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It isn’t really an error message. Front Page just sits there. I attempted to upload last night and it just sat there for 2 hours, never uploading file one. It is set to send my upload to ftp://hunterclanusa.org/hunterclanusa.org which is where I have been sending it for almost a year with no problems. I can usually upload an update in about 3 to 5 min., tops. It gets as far as "Retrieving pages from/c/mydocuments/mywebs/clanhunter and never moves any farther. I was not sure if I needed to do something different since the “move” or if everything stayed the same on my end and it was just the POP problems. I still can’t do anything this morning either. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your reply!




No reply, sorry. I don’t use Frontpage myself (although it does not seem like a software problem).

Try sending a message to support (panel.dreamhost.com) to ask about the situation.

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