Updating DNS before completely migrating

Good day everyone. i recently submitted a ticket, actually it has been in the queue for 1 day 18 hours, asking to have a MX record added to my DNS so that I could have my host file setup correctly before I migrated the DNS from godaddy to dreamhost.

A - Is this something I can do in my CP?
B - Why would it take support so long to get back to me?
C - What else can I do to get someone to reply to my ticket? (I’ve contact sales a few times and nobody has expedited the ticket despite having not heard back from anyone within 24 hours.)

Thanks in advance peeps.

Trey was able to get to my trouble ticket a little while ago. Everything looks good now. My email is working and all is good.

That’s the good.

The bad is I still don’t know why it took so long for someone to update my DNS. = \

End of line.