Updating custom dns nameservers

I’ve been using DreamHost for my domain registrations for years and run my own DNS server. Through the control panel I used to update the dns nameservers for my domains, which involved going to the Registrations page, Modifying WHOIS, and entering the new nameserver name. After entering a name, if it was unknown, I’d be prompted for the IP of that nameserver, as necessary to complete the glue record.

I last changed these a few months back. Recently, it appears the Modify WHOIS portion of the panel page has changed, and now there is a dropdown where I can select “nameservers” and then select “use another hosts nameservers”, and then enter the name(s) of the other DNS servers. However after I do this, I am no longer prompted for the IP(s). I get a success message, but without the IP, I know the glue record is invalid (and updates don’t seem to be occuring to the root dns servers). I’ve tried entering just the IP on that page, but that isn’t working either.

Anyone familiar with this? Thanks in advance.

I have recently tried changing dns nameservers and entered the new dns records in a message to dreamhost asking for them to be changed-but nothing has happened and my website build at bravehost.com has stalled. Have you found an answer to your problem yet?

I’ve been informed by support that they have switched registrars and this is some sort of bug. There is no estimate of a time for a fix.

Support seems to be indicating that I’m out of luck with updating my nameservers, which I’m not happy about considering that’s essentially the only service related to my registration which I care about.

Does anyone know if there are costs associated with DNS hosting with Dreamhost?

I have some domains registered here, but no hosting plans. And I see there’s a button for add “DNS Only” hosting but it doesn’t indicate if there’s a $ value.

For one of the domains which is adrift right now, I’d consider using Dreamhosts DNS temporarily if only to get them working again. I’d prefer to manage the DNS server myself as it’s easier and gives me more flexibility (normally).

If Panel doesn’t allow you to make the changes due to a “bug” then tell them to make the changes manually. It’s your domain, not theirs.