Updating a phpbb forum

Hi All
I’ve been doing some research about how to update my forum from phobb version 2.0.13 to 2.0.17 but I am not yet confident. Can someone confirm the correctness or otherwise of these instructions?

Step 1. Backup database and config.php
Step 2. Click the one click install and install the new phpbb version over the top of the old version while selecting the old database file
Step 3. Copy the old config.php over the new one
Step 4 Run install/update_to_latest.php to update the database.

Is this the right way to upgrade? Have I missed any steps / misunderstood anything?

Also how do I run install/update_to_latest.php?

Thanking you so much for any help. Very much appreciated.



you have to update each version upto the latest so from 2.0.13 you have to update 2.0.14 then 2.0.15 then ect…

because I believe it only mentions how to update the previous ver

1st thing to do is make sure the database is backed up
2nd is to backup the software on the server it self - This way if something goes wrong you can put everything back the way it was. Not to mention your smilies, avatars and attachments (assuming you have the attachment mod) is stored as files on the server.
3rd you may use one of the upgrades on the phpbb web site to upgrade from the version you have top the current, you will find in the upgrade patch a folder with your version number if you decide to patch only.
4th once you upload the files to the server you need to run the upgrade program that is included (This is manditory as it updates your database to refelct the upgrade)
5th upgrade any mods you have added If none were added skip this step
you should be set at this point, I do however recommend that you read the upgrade files on phpbb to verify that all steps are covered.

Thank you very much Campus and Silkrooster.
I do appreciate your knowledge and advice
Just one more question (and this is probably a simple question but if I knew the answer, I wouldn’t be asking) if I may?
How do I run the update?
Thanks in advance

all you do is, after everything is uploaded, go to

where “www.yourforumdirectory.com” is your actual forum path.