Updates to mail accounts takes TOO LONG

any update to email accounts like passwords for example take TOO LONG to take effect… what is wrong with Dreamhost? its completely stupid…!?!

i did send in a support inquiry, and they said that because of the sheer number of users in my particular server; the update scripts take about 40-80 minutes to run. they did say that their developers are currently working on a solution.

however, that support inquiry was in march 2007; and now - even after FOUR hours, the update/change still hasnt taken effect yet…

what am i supposed to do? this way, email (which is the only thing i use now at Dreamhost) becomes virtually useless… what the hell am i paying for?

I do not know why updates should take that long, on my server (granola) email updates are mostly propagated within 5 minutes. You might wanna sent another support request asking to be moved to a different server.

Another option depending on what you want to do with your email is to use a catch-all with procmail.

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thanks for the reply…

is that possible, to have my account moved to another server?

if so, what work does it entail? are there going to be massive changes/updates on my side? or, would it be almost completely transparent…?

also, do you have any idea how long would this usually take?

anyway, ill be sending in another request ASAP…


I would guess the reason is exactly what they said. Depends on the server but with the sheer amount of users I am sure the scripts they run to sync do take a bit of time. Also, most people say, “Well why not make it update immediately?”.

Simple. All it would take is 1 kid who has issues with DH to sit there and click update a 1000000 times in a row and it would crash our servers.

The system they have in place, can be a small inconvenience but it is based around keeping the servers stable and the customers happy.

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