Updates on phpBBS

My question is, does DreamHost ever provide a One-Click upgrade for applications like phpBBS?

Its not that I can’t upgrade myself if I am forced to, it’s just that a key reason I came to DreamHost was their touting of one-click installs. And with many of these applications if you let yourself get too far behind in the updates it becomes a “delete it all and start over” situation.

They do keep Wordpress up to date in the one click installs.

Mostly the one clicks tend to be wayyyy behind current version.

In the case of phpBB, I think what happaned is there became an upgrade that there was no great way to do automatically… that is upgrade any installation without human intervention, which is how it has to happen via a one-click upgrade.

I kinda wish they would do away with most of the one clicks because they aren’t up to date. If you know what your doing a d/l and install/upgrade of anything is really only like 10 clicks and a few minutes.

+1 to this, but it seems some people select a webhost based on the number of easy install packages they have available. Gah.

If only there was a pretty GUI of Telnet/SSH through the web panel, so the .zip .gz files could be uploaded and extracted with ease! Most people use so infrequently (like myself) that learning how to do is quickly forgotten or never learnt. Thus I end up extracting and uploading through FTP (takes forever)… then throw in the creation of a new database and it’s obvious why people want 1-click installs. Plus in the age of Amazon, Netflix etc consumers are spoiled and want outcomes without effort.

To me what is more interesting is DH’s 1-click is phpBB, yet DH itself uses myBB…