Updates made to local folder of website don't come through on the server

The problem I am encountering is that whenever I make changes to the local root folder of my website, with Dreamweaver CS4, and I upload them to the server, there is an enormous delay. Furthermore, the delay is not the same for all the files that have been updated: for some of the files, the updates come through immediately and for others, it can take up to 5 days, even though there were all updated and uploaded to the server at the same time. Now what I think might be the problem is that the host server is caching the files, and as a result continues to serve a cached file rather than the recently uploaded one.

My question is now is how can I find out if the host server is caching the files? Thanks for your help!

The dreamhost servers themselves don’t cache files. Your browser does however, pressing Ctrl-F5 will force the browser to reload the page from the server.

Certain webapps and/or 3rd party plugins for those webapps may cache server side, but since you mention dreamweaver I’m guessing this is not the case for you.

Thank you for your help! I have been trying CTRL F5 but it doesn’t help, the updates still don’t come through…
Do you have any suggestions on what else might be causing these delays? It is only for some of our files that the updates take a lot of time to come through, so there must be something wrong, I was thinking that we might have a virus on our website, do you think this could be the case?

Thank you!