Updated HTML will not show up

I’ve just started a ruby on rails project and it seems to be working. The problem is, whenever I update the html of the views, it won’t show up on the page in the browser. None of the html changes are showing up on any of the views. I’ve cleared my cache, cookies, and all, but the changes still won’t show up. Is the server really lagging or is there something not in the http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Passenger install that I need to do?

Thank you for any help.

Anyone? Anyone at all? This problem has not gone away. When I alter anything on the site, it does not show up for a full 24 hours after being altered. This makes designing the website very difficult. Is there any reason for this?

You haven’t mentioned it, so it seems like you missed the “IMPORTANT NOTE” on that Passenger wiki page to me.