Update your tutorials

people like me that are completely new to domain and web hosting are left alien and clueless as to some of things we are doing in the panel, theres no much instructions on how to direct your domain to a website and the tutorial that i found was dated back 2013, i dont think that ip is even active and the forum layout has changed tremendously. :confused:

Google is truly your friend. Just be sure to query something specific.

If you include a link to the tutorial you mentioned, we can take a look.

Did you sign up with the domain here at Dreamhost?

yes i did, i purchased it here, what i want to do is take the domain to another site. i own a free forum with forumotion and the tutorial i found is old the site looks different from the tutorial.

here take a look at the tut im looking at

That tutorial is about another web company. And the web site is not owned or controlled by Dreamhost, so they are not responsible for updating its tutorials…

Try reading http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Redirect_Domain

thats much simpler but now i get this message when i try to intergrate it on my free forum

“The supplied domain name is not well configured
You have no CNAME redirecting to : nintenex.forumotion.com

I think you are confused :slight_smile:
Or I am…

My assumption is you want yourdomain.com to redirect to nintenex.forumotion.com ?
Once you have configured the redirect at Dreamhost the changes will take a few minutes, potentially even hours, to properly replicate. Until it has replicated, called propagation, across the internet, the changes you made might not be recognised.

You shouldn’t need to make any changes at your forumotion.com account. Although I note that http://help.forumotion.com/t7021-cname-redirect-an-extern-domain-name-that-you-own-to-your-board suggests it needs to be validated. I would suggest waiting some time for the change you made at DH to take effect.

You can go to https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=domain.manage click on ‘DNS’ and check the CNAME record for your domain

You could also just cloak your forumotion site:

im very confused just when i think i got it im left completely lost :frowning: was this easy for you guys the first time?
how do i configure it? do i change the name servers

Nameserver 2:
do i do anything with those?

it asks me to change my domains whois servernames

and what do i do on this ?

Add a custom DNS record to “mydomain”:
(leave blank for just ‘Mydomain’)
(Want MX? Go here!)


okay this is also confusing

i dont know what to do with CNAME because it doesnt work i get this message when i put my forumotion adress in the value feild change the Type: to CNAME

“CNAME records may only be used on sub-domains.”