Update pages from Dreamweaver


I am new to DreamHost. I signed up over the weekend and had no trouble using Dreamweaver to connect and upload my files. However, today I have tried to make changes and the page is not refreshing. I know the files are being updated, added, etc. because I checked them in net2ftp, but the page is not updating. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Try refreshing your browser cache:


hmm…none of the above worked. Think I will call it a night and try to work with BBedit/Fugu tomorrow just to see what happens. Thanks for the assistance.!


I cannot for the life of me recall how to upload images to our site.

I have a page of images, but I need to change them.

Can somebody help?

Thanks in advance…


Polybears, please start a new thread with more information, such as what you use for FTP.


Help…I’m still trying to figure out why my page isn’t updating.

What I have discovered is that when I get into “Manage Domains” in the DreamHost Web panel and choose ftp to view the files/directories, any changes or additions are not there unless I upload them. So, I know Dreamweaver is putting files.

However, if I look at the webftp in the DreamHost Web panel, all changes/files ARE there.

I think I have something set incorrectly in Dreamweaver or in my DreamHost Web panel.

Anyone with any suggestions? Thank you![hr]
Sorry, I put a sentence in the wrong spot. I know Dreamweaver is putting files, because they show up when I look at the webftp in the DreamHost Web panel. The changes just aren’t migrating to the page itself.


Do you have Dreamweaver set to FTP to example.com (your domain) rather than machinename.dreamhost.com? Can you double-check using an FTP program like Filezilla?

Sometimes what happens is that when someone’s account is moved to a different server, things are out of sync for a bit. Or for longer than a bit if the user uses machinename.dreamhost.com since DH often leaves the old directory on the old server for a bit until the new server is confirmed to be working correctly.