Update One Click Install Apps

Some of the One Click Install apps are using outdated and insecure versions and heck the Mediawiki isn’t one click at all because despite it downloading source and uncompressing and creating a MySql DB it makes you go get those details and manually enter them.

Mediawiki on Dreamhost Version: 1.24.4 (Years outdated)
Current Stable Version: 1.26.3

PHPBB on Dreamhost Version: 3.0.13
Current Stable Version: 3.1.9

Joomla! on Dreamhost Version: 3.4.8
Current Stable Version: 3.5.1

Upgrading the versions you offer on one click isn’t just about having the latest and greatest features its also about support for things like PHP 7 which Dreamhost now offers and optimized code which means apps run better on a shared environment.

But most importantly security! DreamHost really should revamp its One Click Install system so it automatically updates to the latest stable versions of apps it offers. Also Dreamhost should add more apps and do autoupgrades of installs much like most shared hosts do.

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That may be an issue with MediaWiki, moreso than with DH. WordPress is the same way. Basically “One-click install” means that DH will place the software and set up the database, database user, database host, and database password for you. But the software itself still needs to be unpackaged and configured.

Actually, the trend at DH has been to offer fewer one-clicks over time. They use to offer a lot more. But, you can install pretty much anything via FTP, and a more limited subset of software via the command line (as long as don’t need sudo).

@smaffulli anyway you can advocate for this internally as CM? Are you able to have any influence around suggestions of the hundreds in this forum it seems DH has pretty much acted on little to none of customer feedback.

Why ask for feedback if it falls on deaf ears?

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Thanks for the nudge, I’ll add your comments to raise priority of the existing internal tickets.