Update on Email


I am thinking about just switching back to Dreamhost for email. I have had my domain hosted at DH for over 2 years now ( 2016). And It would be easier to just pay 1 company, instead of OFFICE 365 for email and then DH every 2 years for my domain.

I just worry about switching back, because I would worry about if my emails went thorough and if they’re being sent to everyone’s spam folder because DH is black listed, stuff like that.

I stuck around when the big switch was first made from Squirrel Mail to I forgot what DH is using now. I just remember there was a TON of problems when the switch first happened. And that’s what caused me to switch away from DH’s hosted email to only having my domain hosted by DH.


I love DH for its shared services and DreamCompute.
There was a time some months ago when the challenge was made for anyone to cite specific email issues, or just shut the hell up. That pretty much ended the discussion.

But for at least all of this year, DH email has been absolutely horrid. Connectivity fails daily. Mail may come in weeks after it was sent. There is no predictability.

I don’t host email here for sites that I care about. I’ve setup a number of accounts for different domains just to see if it could be trusted - and it failed dismally. We see people wailing about email here all the time, and complaints about lack of response from Support. I have no idea what happened to this company but from the poorest email in the industry now to an all-time low perception of Support, my love for the company has been strongly tempered.

About hosting email, I plan to host my own server in DreamCompute space, or preferably, to find another provider just for email. (I’m already paying one company for email that I care about and they rarely fail me. Such beasts do exist. No referrals.) All that said, I’ve approached a couple companies to ask about their email services, and told them that before I sign up I want to see their community forums to see if people are already complaining about email. That’s when the pre-sales discussion seems to stop. In fairness to DH, their issues with email are not uncommon. But I really don’t give a crap about that - we need solid services. If they can’t handle providing those services they should give up trying, and just tell people to go find some company that’s competent in this area. It’s not helping them in terms of marketing or revenue retention to offer poor services - they should just stick to what they can do and do well.

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