Update not recognized yet?

Ok, it’s been at least 24 hours now since the bandwidth/space changes were active. And yet my account is still maxing out at 5GBs. Shortly after the newsletter came, I upgraded that account to Code Monster, so it should have 60GBs available.

It shows 60GBs available in the “Total Provided” area and for the “Disk Usage by User” area, but when I try to upload anything that would put me past my original 5GBs… I get “disk quota exceeded.”

I sent a request to support about it, but is anyone else having any kind of delay in getting their upgrades?

Up until a few hours ago, my account was also showing a hard limit of 5GB. I just checked again and now it is showing a hard limit of 20GB, so I guess they updated it (at least for my account).

If yours has not been updated yet, I would advise just waiting a little longer, the update should happen sooner or later.


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Yeah, the hard limit in my control panel only changed within the last few hours. I’m more concerned/annoyed about the fact that it blocks me from uploading any more.

I’ll keep waiting (obviously), but it just seems like they should have waited until these things could be implemented before announcing an upgrade.

ETA: Oh figures, right after I posted this… it is fixed. :wink: