Update FFMPEG from 0.8.17 to 3.0.2

Well I spent most of the past 3 days trying to work out why no videos were converting on one of my sites.
After blasting support messages to both my software developer and dreamhost support, it seems that DH are using ffmpeg version 0.8.17. The message from my developer support is the following:

“Your server uses an ancient version of FFMPEG.
Latest version is 3.0.2.
This is common issue. Please, ask your hosting provider to upgrade it to latest version.
Video conversion won’t work with it.”

I’m sure others may be experiencing such issues and I dread to think the possibility of old software being vulnerable to security vulnerabilities.

They will not give any useful support on this. I’m already tired

You can upload your own copy I think.

upload a static build from


and link to that one, then you’ll be happy again, but remember to use -thread in the command line to leave cpu for others

Where would I upload a static build such as this one? Into my web directory?

I would like to have the following modules for a clipbucket install on dreamhost shared hosting:
ffmpeg, flvtool2 and mp4box.

What are my options?