Update domain's DNS to Cloudflare, keep webmail at DreamHost

My site currently has MX and NS records set to DreamHost. I am using DreamHost’s Cloudflare integration with this domain and a free Cloudflare account, and everything has been working great.

Now I want to update the site’s DNS records (just the NS records I think… I’m not a pro at this) to Cloudflare so that I can transfer my domain registration to them from Google. Cloudflare’s site currently says that a full DNS setup is required to do this (similar to https://community.cloudflare.com/t/unable-to-transfer-to-cloudflare-registrar-because-domain-requires-full-dns-setup/79024). Note that I want to keep my webmail hosting at DreamHost.

So it sounds like the steps to do this are:

  1. Disable Cloudflare integration in DreamHost
  2. Get Cloudflare NS records and create custom NS records for them in DreamHost
  3. Leave DreamHost MX records untouched to maintain webmail hosting at DreamHost

Are these steps correct, and can this be done with a free Cloudflare account?

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