Update css sheet on my website


I’ve forgotten how to update my website with a new css sheet. Is the best way to change my (inexhibit) website?

If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it, and if it were in lamens terms, even better!


You didn’t mention if your site is running WordPress, something else, or if it’s just static content you manually update.

Generally, you have to FTP to your site and upload the css file to the same place as your old css file.

Thanks for getting back to me. My question was related to a static website. Looking at my FTP site now I found the css sheet and will replace it. After I do that, do I hit refresh? I’m working in cyberduck…

I just installed wordpress about 10 minutes ago and it still hasn’t shown up. My next question for you is once I have it installed, how can I set up a link on my static website, after creating a new section titled “Blog”?

Thank you!

As soon as you upload the CSS file, there’s nothing more to do, except maybe clear the cache on your browser so the new information shows up.

Installing WordPress is actually a request that goes into the queue. As soon as it’s processed, which takes less than 30 minutes, you’ll get an email on what to do next.

To add a link on your main site, add the link text with a link of http://blog.example.com, or whatever the URL is where you installed WordPress.

Got it. Everything worked out perfectly.

The only other question I have is, do you know of a good place to find wordpress themes? They have such a limited selection on the site.

Thanks for being SO helpful!


WordPress.org has a ton of themes if you click the Install Themes tab in your admin panel.