Update broke Wiki

After returning from an extended vacation and accessing my Wiki, I now receive the message “A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software”.

I am assuming this is related to the recent Wiki update and MySQL server rehosting. It would appear the pointer to the Wiki database is broken. But, since I am an inexperienced administrator, I am unsure how to proceed, given the risk of database loss. My domain is “www.PFT-v2.org”.

So, any suggestions on how to proceed?


No. I am getting a 404 for your wiki. Your database is presumably hosted on DH servers with url http://mysql.PFT-v2.org

Therefore you need to logon to your web server and check the link to the database and database login details are correct.

My wiki is located at http://www.pft-v2.org/update2014


Okay, well a quick stab then is you are using MediaWiki?
I would suggest getting support from the MediaWiki forums, and reading https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Upgrading – one solution might be a temporary renaming of .htaccess and re-running the upgrade script.

You haven’t said if you manually upgraded MediaWiki or if this was automated through Dreamhost?

monjo, Thanks for attempting to help. Yes, I’m using MediaWiki, and, the upgrade was performed by Dreamhost while I was vacationing.

The update also broke my wiki. I went to the config page ( /mw-config/index.php ) and ran the updater there, which fixed my databases and got the wiki running again. However, now all my skins are broken, and when I grab new skins from mediawiki.org, the install claims that I need 1.25 to run them. What’s going on, Dreamhost?

Okay, fixed it, but had to very carefully follow instructions here:


Once you run the git clone command to get your skin, it’s critical that you do this:

Change into the new directory and run:
git checkout REL1_24

Then edit your LocalSettings.php file to include both:
require_once “$IP/skins/Vector/Vector.php”;
$wgDefaultSkin = ‘vector’;

Or MonoBook instead of Vector, or whatever skin you decide to use. Once this is set, I was good to go.

My wiki is also up and running. I left a message for the “Support” folks, and John fixed me up. Here’s his response:
"After the MediaWiki core upgrade there is an additional script that needs to be ran manually called update.php located in the maintenance folder. I ran the script for you and updated the skins since the old skin on your previous version no longer works with MediaWiki 1.24.1.

It looks like your site is back up and running. You can also reference these guides on the steps taken to get your site back up:
So, thanks to John’s help, all is well.