Unzipping files

Hi all,

I’m new to Dreamhost and I’m looking for a way to unzip files after uploading them via ftp. With my other host I use Cpanel and I upload them using a separate ftp program and then use the Cpanel file browser and unzip them that way

I can’t see anything in the DH panel and I’ve got a feeling you can’t do it, or if you can it involves a different approach rather than a simple click to unzip

is there a file browser facility within the DH panel so I can unzip files or do you have to use a separate ftp for file access and upload unzipped?

can anyone point me in the right direction please?

cheers :cool:

I’m new also, and also behind a very restrictive firewall at the moment… can you telnet into your acct? If so, you should be able to unzip that way…

There isn’t any file manager you can use at dreamhost. There might be some CMS or somethign you could get installed that would accompish that.

To unzip your files at dreamhost you’ll have to use Telnet or SSH, to get a command line interface to your server. From there you can use the “cd” command to change directories, ad then type “unzip file.zip” and it will decompress it. There’s articles in the wiki that will help you though getting logged into SSH, and with the commands.


And if you need an SSH program, Putty is a free/popular choice.

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I’d seen telnet mentioned and I had a feeling that’s the way I’d have to go :frowning:

I’m sure I can do it as I’ve done far more complicated stuff. it’s just the awkward learning curve I hate when doing something new :s

cheers :cool:

I’d seen telnet mentioned and I had a feeling that’s the way I’d have to go

No, do not use telnet. It’s antiquated and insecure and Dreamhost really shouldn’t even allow it (what year is this?).

Use SSH instead. If you’re using Windows, download Putty as mentioned above.

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