Unzip in AjaXplorer


how do i unzip a file that i have uploaded???

AjaXplorer does not give me the option and i have no idea how to unzip the file

when i right click on the file the uncompress option isnt there.



i wrote to dreamhost about this and they replied:

“Unfortunately our new WebFTP interfaces does not (yet) have an unzip
feature. In order to unzip a file you’ve uploaded you’d need to SSH into
the server and use the shell command “unzip {filename}”. Or unzip the
file on your local computer and upload the resulting files/directories to
the server. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

AjaXplorer has a demo page: http://www.ajaxplorer.info/wordpress/demo/
login with user: demo password: demo
on this demo page, by right clicking on a zip file it gives you the choice to unzip the file.
but “WebFTP interfaces does not (yet) have an unzip feature”


They must install this fast. I need this now and I can´t do what I need because can´t unzip files…really…


You can unzip files via shell. You were given the command. Go download putty and get to work. Google is your friend for more ssh commands :slight_smile: . Also why is it so hard to unzip the files on your local machine and upload the contents?


The .ZIP feature only works for browsing on the “local server”. AjaXplorer can browse MANY different types of file systems, and FTP is just one system.

WebFTP software is installed on one server, and browses another, “remote” file server. The developer says it takes too long to download all of the files from the first server (where the FTP storage is), then zip them on the second server (where AjaXplorer is installed), before finally downloading them to you at your computer.

Having said that, I agree… if crappy old Net2FTP could do .ZIP files and multifile download, AjaXplorer should be able to as well.


The inaccuracies of the first part of your post aside, Net2FTP was indeed a “crappy old” solution that introduced security issues along the way.

AjaxExplorer is another that isn’t perfect, but for different reasons.

However crippling all this may sound, it really isn’t. All the tools are available, and securely. You just have to learn what they are, and how to use them. Start here: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Ftp Hint hint: the most popular is probably filezilla, the simplest is probably FireFTP since it can be installed as a firefox add-in. Finally once that hurdle has been cleared learn about the bash command shell, there is a very handy unzip command available directly at the command prompt. Unzip is not listed in this wiki article, but here is a good place to start: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Shell_Commands