Unzip files on live server

Hi everyone, glad to be here.
I’m newbie on dreamhost. I got little problem, n stuck with it!
I’d like to move joomla site from local to dreamhost server. I compressed all of my sites with joomlapack. everything was ok, and uploaded to DH server. however, when I tried to unzip it thru webftp.dreamhost.com (net2ftp), it failed all times. I’m sure this was due to over limits of my zip file (mine is 6 MB, while max limit allowed approx 4MB). so far, I used another FTP software as an alternatif (deployzip) to unzip on live server, but i think DH’s firewall blocked this kind of software.

sorry for long writing, but I really got stuck for 2 days! so anyone help to overcome this? big thanks for help…

Hi stream37!

It sounds like you are probably correct about the limit with webftp (php based and all). Unfortunately I can’t comment on your difficulty with “deployzip”, as I have never used it and don’t know anything about it.

I do what you are attempting using shell tools on a regular basis. Do you know how to use ssh to log into the shell and unzip from the command line?

That is really the best way to do this. :wink:


thanks for reply rlparker,

I know nothing how to use ssh to log into the shell and unzip from the command line. would u give me steps to do that, I think I very much need this way in future since most of my sites are joomla-based where configured on local server prior to upload it.

btw, zipdeploy is windows or linux based FTP software (user friendly), but specially designed for unzip files on server. u may check more their web on http://ftp-unzip.com .

again thank you parker…

The basic process is to use an ssh client to login to a shell on your DreamHost server. Once you successfully connect, you will be presented with a command line from which you can execute various *nix command to operate the system, including manipulating files.

To do this you need to have your user authorized for shell access, which you can do from the Control Panel -> Users -> Manage users screen (just click the “edit” icon under the “Actions” column at the right end of the rows for your user). On the resulting screen, select the check box to authorize shell access for that user, and submit the form.

Once this is done, you can proceed to use the shell. Good instructions for finding your way around the shell can be found in the DH Wiki articles on the Shell.

Make sure you read the articles linked in that first articles, as they contain further instruction regarding the use of an ssh client, and other stuff you will need to get started.

Once you have managed to log in and execute a command or two (ls to get a directory listing, etc.), you will be ready to use one of the “zip” commands to manipulate your file.

you can get basic instructions for using “gunzip” from within the shell by typing:

man gunzip [enter] - hit the “enter key”, don’t type the “[enter]”, and the “manual pages” for the gunzip program will be displayed.

From here, there is really no limit to what you can learn - the web is full of excellent unix/linux tutorials (several are linked withing the DreamHost wiki pages if you follow the links from the initial shell article).

Once you have looked around and reviewed that DH Wiki information, if you have a specific problem, I’m sure you will find additional help on these forums. Good Luck!


thanks again, this is just very helpful information.
I will try the guide accordingly.