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I have a file on my server that is about 20 MB, and I am attempting to use WebFTP to unzip it to no avail. Can someone help me with potentially another solution to this dilemma and how this can be done?


Yeah, unfortunately, WebFTP isn’t going to handle that well. :wink:

The best way to do this is from the command line within the shell.

If you connect to the shell via SSH, you can just use the unzip command. :wink:



What if the file is a filename.tar.gz? I am being told through SSH that the unzip command won’t work there.


I’m sorry, I just assumed you were trying to “unzip” a “zip” file. “unzip” does work from the shell command lilne, but not on that kind of file. A “filename.tar.gz” is a gzipped tarball.

You can untar gzipped tarballs with the “tar” and “gunzip” commands from the command line in the shell.

run “man tar” and/or "man “gzip” for specific usage information. :wink:



Okay, from the command line, I enter “tar -xf MBL.lg_reports.tar.gz” and it just sits there for awhile and then goes to the command prompt again. Is this normal?


Yep! It sounds pretty “normal” to me. Did it extract all the files? :open_mouth: ?



For tar archives processed through gzip, you will need to use the z switch.

tar -xzfTo see whats going on add the v switch.

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