Unwanted text in 'latest posts excerpts"

I have posted this question in theme(U-Design V 1.8) forum/wordpress forum but no solution yet…so here it is

  • Ever since i moved the site http://hiveresources.com/ from godaddy to dreamhost.I am seeing the text "tweet email tweet email’ as a part of every post excerpt.Check the right side bar under Latest posts.
    -I have checked the page source and it is enclosed within the div “teaser-content”
    -i believe it gets generated on fly.How do i make it go away?

It’s more than likely to be a plugin than your theme. I would start by turning off your plugins that add that sort of content, like facebook-social-plugins and so on.

Also you should upgrade WordPress to 3.5.1 when you get the chance :slight_smile: