"unwanted" folder

Recently this folder appeared and started yanking perfectly good emails into it. I’ve emptied, deleted, many times and shortly after it reappears. Also it takes all the emails I moved out of it before deleting it and puts them back. As if it has tagged them some how. Its actually getting quite frustrating. I’ve tried white listing, I’ve read all the settings I cannot seem to find even a thread here about this random forced “unwanted” folder.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Ironheart, sorry you’re having such troubles. I’ve never heard of unwanted folder. What’s the name of this folder?

It is actually called “unwanted” and its is taking all my direct emails from my site and stacking them up. Its nuts how many times I’ve moved the emails to my inbox and deleted this folder. It just keeps coming back.

Interesting, thanks for sharing the screenshot: makes everything easier to understand. I checked my account and I don’t have that folder in there. I suspect something is creating it. Can you make sure that none of the scripts on your site are sending emails to an address like info+unwanted@example.com? that +unwanted may be creating that address. If that’s not the case, check if there are rules that create the folder and dispatch there your emails.

If you don’t make any progress with this, please open a ticket so DreamHost staff can look deeper.

Thanks for some direction, I’ll check it out.

Turns out it was a function of the samsung email app on my s7’s spam filter. The phone it self shows no “unwanted” folder but when I checked the spam filter for it my sites email was in there. Managed to stop the emails from being grabbed by getting the websites address off the spam list but the folder looks like it will be there as long as I use the phone.

Again thanks for the responses.