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I recently posted a few articles i wrote to a couple of supposedly quality article directories. Now this might not be their fault but a few of my articles were also placed on a site that i do not want them on. I dont know if the “bad” site just scraped the article directory and placed them on their site or not. What I want to make sure is that this will not affect my PR or anything else in a negative way. I have no links to the “bad” site. The articles include an address to my homepage and that is the only way I found out the site had my article posted. I just want to be a regular guy on the net and not have to worry about being knocked out of indexes because some idiot posted my site address on his stupid site.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


I highly doubt that this will faze Google, or other search engines. Lots of legitimate sites have seedy sites that point to them; quite often Parked Domains. But the occasional unwanted link to your site shouldn’t affect your ranking.


Is this one of those sites that looks like they’re scraping content off of legitimate sites, providing a link to the full article, but which provides no real content of their own? Are they scraping 5-20 articles a day but otherwise not providing any original content?

I’d be interested in the lowdown on these sites as well. I figure they’re up to no good but they can’t be gone after for some violation of fair use because they’re technically providing other content by aggregating the stuff they’re stealing from you with stuff they’re stealing from other folks.

Then again, what’s the difference between these sites and the bad Digg clone sites?

(Apologies OP, this post ended up being more questions than answers.)

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It looks as thought they are scraping articles from legit sites. the thing is the bad site is a porn site with a business forum of all things. LOL - They include all references back to the original author so there is no wrong doing in that aspect. I just have a problem with the fact that if someone types in keywords into the search engine and people see the stupid site along with the legit sites. I try to provide good quality content and if people see that my content is included on one of these stupid sites it might bring down my credibility thats all.


You could try contacting the administrator of the site in question and request they take down your content. Some argue that this is “against the spirit of the internet”, but I reckon you have a right to declare where your content can and cannot be displayed.

If that fails, email their host.You can find this by searching for their doman on Domain White Pages. DNS Lookup & WHOIS.


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If they’re stealing your content, then it’s to your advantage that they’re linking back to it on your site.

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

It’s in reference to putting your own articles out there, but same idea.

The downside of that, is that a more popular site can sometimes end up outranking the original content. If you see that happen, it might not be a bad idea to report it to Google, so you don’t look like the scraper.

If you’re just worried about the incoming link itself, then I wouldn’t worry about it hurting you… just not helping you.

Your best bet though, would be to just have the article on your site and get links to it, rather than putting the article on other sites. That link to the Matt Cutts blog talks about it more.

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Just remove your unwanted backlink. One of the most important takeaways is that Google knows that bad links pop up and can differentiate when it’s done on purpose. They’re smart enough to ignore the others which is why the disavow tool should really only be used if you have a big problem, and know that shady links were created on your behalf.