Unusual Cron error on WordPress database dump

I have a script that makes a regular backup of a Wordpress and a Newsletter database.

Yesterday it (Cron Daemon) spit out this error:

mysqldump: Couldn’t execute 'show fields from wp_comments': Got error 28 from storage engine (1030)

and then last night it spit out this error:

mysqldump: Couldn’t execute 'show fields from news_list_tags': Got error 28 from storage engine (1030)

I have not seen these errors before. It seems to have been a one-time thing for each error. The script runs hourly, and only gave those errors for the times I mentioned.

Has anyone else seen errors like this before? Any clues what that might mean?


A 28 usually indicates a lack of storage space. The 1030 suggests you should optimise (or repair) your database.

Thanks for the response. I checked storage space and only using a few GB out of the 50gb on DH Backup account.
Not sure the best approach to check for integrity.

Verbose output of the same script over the last few hours has not shown any issues.

My thought is that since this error has only come up twice, I should leave it alone for now.

It won’t be a disk quota problem pertaining to yourself. A lack of resource space error like that could be at the SQL server, the file server, or just be an incorrect error response.

I see. Anything in particular I should keep an eye on? I did a basic check over files, looked in phpMyadmin, checked the website, and re-checked the scripts. Nothing unusual catching my eye.

Not really. If it starts happening a lot then let DreamHost know about it (things might need a tweak).