Unusable WordPress Themes



I think it would be a good thing if DreamHost removed all the WordPress themes from its “Easy Install” that require hand editing of the PHP files to make them work (which we can’t do). It would save us the trouble of installing them, configuring them and then finding that we’re stuck. It would also save DreamHost customer service inquiries (such as mine).

For example: Dapit Hapon has “Author” starter text that’s hard coded in sidebar.php. Diary Notes (gorgeous) has a hard coded blog roll that even links to web hosting rating sites!

Of course, it would be even better if the templates were fixed to be generic.



While I see your point to a degree, I’m wondering why you think you can’t edit the PHP files required to modify those aspects of a theme that you want to change?

WordPress provides you that ability from within the Admin back end, with the “theme editor”. For example, removing the hardcoded “links” from the Diary Notes theme’s sidebar (those are not “Blogroll” links - you can edit the “blogroll” separately) takes about two minutes to do (if you are slow!). All you have to do is edit the sidebar.php file using the theme editor, remove (or change) the links, and save it.

That said, I’d rather have DreamHost provide the widest variety of themes for us to tweak, as we can’t add new themes to the “easy” one-click installed WordPress instances. I also understand and appreciate them not overly modifying such themes “pre-installation” (other than their own blogroll items, which you can easily change) as these “free” themes were provided by authors at no charge. It is reasonable that their initial work be delivered as they intended. I think this is appropriate even to the extent of linking to a “sponsor”, “favorite sites”, or “friends”. Sure there are some link-abusive “free” themes out there (hidden links, too many links, etc.), but I have not seen any of those in the DreamHost package.

If you need help modifying a particular theme, there is always someone here that is likely to be able to help you, and there are certainly many such folks on the WordPress support forums. :wink:



I think that’s a rarely used, and obscure feature for most users. The OP probably hasn’t lucked out and stumbled upon how to do this.



The point is that when you do the “Easy Install”, the php files are not on your site and not writable by you. If you go to the theme editor (which I had done), you get a message that says: “You need to make this file writable before you can save your changes.”

So to repeat myself, it does no one any good to have a Theme available which requires hand editing for something everybody needs to do, but which no one can do because the files aren’t writable.



Well, I guess that does make sense. The themes are probably all shared, so you can’t go around modifying them. Oh well…there’s always the regular install for those who really want to modify themes.



Yikes! I never even noticed that and you are absolutely correct. Mea Culpa!

I’m guessing DreamHost has done that as a security feature … and that alone would keep me from using it. :frowning:

Well, I suppose one could argue that some might be willing to use the theme as shipped, but I think I agree with you on that.

Maybe DreamHost is trying to be supportive of the theme authors? I doubt that is part of the consideration here, but one never knows. Links embedded in themes are a sore point with me anyway, so I just would never use that one if I couldn’t change it.

Those in the “diary” theme you liked are especially troublesome, as they appear as though they are generated by the “blogroll”, even though they are not.

This kind of a limitation, and the lack of your choice of plugins, are just more reasons to roll your own and install your ownWordPess, or at least use the orignal “one-click”, IMHO. :wink:



I have a fully-hosted WordPress blog already, but I wanted to see how the easy install would work out with the thought of perhaps migrating over.

I don’t want to worry about installing security patches while I’m on vacation and stuff like that. At my stage of like, I’m looking for ways to get other people to deal with the messy details.

My current blog uses the Bartholme theme, one which requires no editing if the PHP files to be fully functional.

I think the DH Easy Install (with the available plug-ins and themes) is more than adequate for most folks, including me. It was just disappointing to pick out this really cool looking theme, and not be able to use it.