Unsigned certificate

I’m considering a basic account for my own personal web stuff. I would probably want to do SSL for a few things where I don’t want passwords flying around in the clear. But, I’m not going to be using SSL publicly, so I probably wouldn’t bother paying for a certificate.

Is it possible to use a (free) unsigned certificate without a unique IP address? I know it’s technically possible, but is it supported by Dreamhost?

You can encrypt password with javascript on client side and php on server side if you want.
You don’t need ssl just for auth.

Look for such script on hotscripts.com

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DreamHost offers full shell access to users. Most scripts are supported by DreamHost. If there is any script that you like to use, chances are that you are able to take advantage of the full shell access to compile your own PHP.

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Well, since the previous two didn’t really answer your question, and I’m not too sure myself, you should probably contact Dreamhost for the official answer (we’re just customers here)


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YES! Yes it is!

Ive done this (generated with my WS2K3 server with Apache mod_ssl OpenSSL). Give me a min till i write out some detailed instructions, and ill update my post :slight_smile:

my bad…i mis-read your opening post. AFAIK, you need a Unique IP to have SSL on…

[quote]To ‘install’ OpenSSL for Windows, follow Step #1 - http://www.neilstuff.com/apache/apache2-ssl-windows.htm. Use the *nix version if you`re using a *nix bassed OS :wink:

I`ve found a slightly better way for creating the certs without doing a double step for changing the PEM into KEY.
In a command prompt, CD to your OpenSSL dir and execute the following commands;

openssl req -config /openssl.cnf -new -nodes -out .csr -keyout .key

fill in your details (refer to Step #2 - http://www.neilstuff.com/apache/apache2-ssl-windows.htm)

followed by;

openssl x509 -in .csr -out .crt -req -signkey .key -days 9125

this`ll give you four files, .csr, .key, .crt and a .RND file (DELETE THIS!).

obviously change and to their respected values!

Then it`s pretty much a case of click, paste, paste, paste, ok in the pannel :)[/quote]

For the record, the answer is that you can indeed use a self-signed certificate. You do need a unique IP for it.

There is an excellent tutorial on creating a self-signed SSL cert here: http://www.tc.umn.edu/~brams006/selfsign.html

Okay… that last tutorial seemed to create an invalid cert. This one didnt: http://www.wallpaperama.com/disp-post70.html

does dreamhost allow us to do this? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes. You can use SSL with your own self generated (unsigned) certificate. Although, DH does not provide a blanket certificate. You will need to have a static IP Address which you can order through the control panel.

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but, what is the purpose to have a unsiged cert. it is same as no cert right

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An unsigned certification will not provide endpoint authentication but will provide communication encryption.

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