Unresponsive bucket

1 of my buckets is totally inrresponsive as of now.
I cannot list its contents from any application, even from the web interface.
Other buckets from same keys are working.

Sorry to hear of the problems. I’ve checked my own accounts, and the monitoring system for DreamObjects, but I’m unable to see any issues with the service right now. If you can please provide a traceroute and any other information about what clients you are using, in a support ticket, I would be happy to look into it further.

A simple browse navigate to my bucket results in:

504 Gateway Time-out

The server didn’t respond in time.
friends can confirm this timeout from theier connections too.
May I send my bucket adress to your email or PM ?
Important to notice that my other buckets are fine.

I got your private message and am looking into it now.

Sorry for the delay. This should be fixed now, and your bucket index is loading for me. We are looking into the cause to improve the system and monitoring, as well as work that continues to upgrade the Ceph software and provide more features and bug fixes. If you still see any issues please let me know.