Unlimited policy change?

I don’t remember the wording being this way:
“Making your account resources available (whether for free or pay) to the general public.”

Wasn’t it more along the lines of making your account resources available to “anybody?” Like friends, family, club members, etc. The current wording sounds much more like the way it is for any account. Users typically don’t go around acting as hosting resellers for any schmoe who comes along.

A search comes up with this wording:
"(4)Reselling (or giving away) access to your account to others."

Current wording better defines who “others” are. Not that it really matters since I don’t know anybody who has hit even 50% of their current resources. The only reason it matters is I’ve got some free time and if they’re still taking volunteers to switch over to the new servers, I’d give it a try. It’s the “Unlimited” ToS that’s been stopping me so far.


Hey Scott, very helpful observation. To be clear, the OLD wording was:

The NEW wording is:

Very different. Like you, the new wording covers all the situations that I might find myself in - or already am in with my friends and family.

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The latest wording was:

…to which Lensman commented:

I know that the wording of that unlimited policy has been under review, and I don’t think it is “quite right” yet - the folks who are working on this are finding it difficult to convey the desired meaning in the “simplest” terms. :wink:

Note that “friends and family” are very different than “the general public” - DreamHost has no problem with your using the “unlimited” accounts to host friends, clients, family, etc (whether for free, or for “reselling”) - what they are tying to prohibit is just turning your resources over to another without control or obligation - like in running your own “webhost” by reselling “unlimited” space. This is a somewhat “common” abuse of our systems by those in some countries from where our it might be difficult for some to legitimately obtain a DreamHost account due to our fraud checks, payment methods, etc.

If it is your client (in the sense that there is real value added, other than just saying, “He’s my ‘client’ because I host his sites”), your friend (in a sense more reasonable than “Everyone is my friend”), or your family member (“If he puts warez up there I’ll beat him severely … and I know where he lives!”), then you are welcome to do that on unlimited accounts.

None of those three scenarios were meant to be included in the definition of “the general public”! :slight_smile:

–DreamHost Tech Support

I volunteered when they first announced the update and I’m still on an old server. Don’t get your hopes up high to be moved very soon.


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