Unlimited Hosting

What does Unlimited Hosting mean? I just purchased a couple of sites and need to have them hosted somewhere. The domains are registered at GoDaddy so I just need hosting.

If I add them to the account I currently have on DreamHost, what is the cost?

If you already have a hosting plan here, you can just add them on to your existing account. Even the old plans were essentially “Unlimited” since you could add as many domains you wanted, and they already gave you a ridiculous amount of disk space and bandwidth.


DreamHost - Unlimited Policy

  1. Go to Domains -> Manage Domains in the DreamHost Web Panel, and “Add New Domain/Sub-domain”

  2. Go to GoDaddy and change the nameservers to ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com and ns3.dreamhost.com

  3. It will take a while for Internet service provides to update their DNS information before queries resolve to the IP address at DreamHost.

Depends on whether or not you have an old plan. The current plan offered, “Happy Hosting,” is listed here: DreamHost - Web Hosting - What’s Included Additional costs are shown at the bottom.

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So if I have 3 sites I can add them to my DreamHost account and there will be no charge? Really?

Really! You can host as many domains as you want on your account at no extra charge. (If the domains aren’t already registered, you still have to pay for the registration, of course.)

And DH offers more!

As long as you have your hosting plan with DH, you have at least 1 free lifetime domains.

Do a search for DH promo code and you will find plenty of them which offers more free lifetime domains.

If your domain is registered elsewhere, you can host them in DH for free of charge.

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